Internet Pajama is a novel wearable system aimed at promoting physical interaction in remote communication between parent and child. This system enables parent and child to hug one another through a novel hugging interface device and a wearable, hug reproducing jacket connected through the Internet. The hugging device is a small, mobile doll with embedded pressure sensing circuit that is able to sense varying levels of human force. This device sends hug signals to a haptic jacket that simulates the feeling of being hugged to the wearer. It features high fidelity, air pockets actuating to reproduce hug, heating elements to produce warmth that accompanies hug and color changing display to indicate distance of separation and to display emoticons.

This site is a documentation of the progress of the Internet Pajama project.

There is an Ideas page which contains brainstormed ideas, both in the draft and refined stages.

The HCI perspective contains ideas, experimental designs, user evaluation and testing from the perspective of Human Computer Interaction.

Technical Development documents the chronological development by members of the team involved in specific parts of the project.

Useful Links has links to related projects.

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