Brainstormed Ideas

UPDATE 9 October 2007:
A suggestion from Dr Keiji Yamada of NEC, is to consider using armband or Internet Pajama in the face-2-face interaction, instead of only focusing on remote interaction.
This is a good idea, to compare how do people interact physically in face-2-face situations, and see if the armband or our haptic tool can be replaced in remote situations.

- A class of affective communication
- Hug is one of them, not the only one
- Vest is one instance
- Emotional communication
- Mediated affective communication
- Affective interfaces: those that make use of multi-modality
- Idea that touch or pressure can convey affect more effectively than speech
- Vest is a test-bed: that can test different things
- In the initial stages, design experiment just to detect squeeze and then to reproduce this in the form of pressure being applied to the body.
- Comparing this system to actual touch/hug, how close do they compare?
- Tangible touch leads to social interaction

Affective interaction

Sub projects to prove claims
first set of experiment targetted at grip + squeeze
give armbands to couple to test for a week
questionaire and survey
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