Important Questions

These questions are asked to determine the importance of the project, and to design the interface, system and experiments to be conducted. The eventual objective is to contribute to the area of affective mediated- communication and interaction.

(Please add to these, questions that you might ask)

1. How does the user feel? Do you feel engaged when using the system? For e.g. by asking a child "Who do you think is squeezing you?" when using the system to find out if child knows who is communicating with them. Related to philosophy of how people attach meaning to interactions and communication.

2. What is the age at which the starts to understand the meaning of the communication and relate to it, instead of just feeling a squeeze?

3. What is the optimum shape and size of the hugging input interface?

4. What is the optimum shape and size of the hugging output interface worn by the child?

5. Is it necessary for the input doll interface to look or correspond to a human shape? or can it be arbitrary?

6. Compare the effects of giving receiver anticipation of the action and without anticipation (not letting them know in advance you are going to hug them).

7. For color display, what is the most natural mapping of distance to color? Currently using blue for far and yellow/orange for near.

8. To test for difference with color and without color mapping for i) Parent ii) Child

9. What emotions do user feel when squeeze/hug being applied?

10. Does the system increase the feeling of connectedness in the scenario it is used individually or with telephone/computer?

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